Before You Exit Talks Glee, Warped Tour & More

Q:Before/After Show Rituals 

We have a little huddle that we do where we all say some words of encouragement and then chant “123, BYE!” We find that is we don’t do it, something weird happens and screws up in the show weather it is minor or major. 

Q: If You Could Tour With Any Band Who Would It Be & Why ? 

Right now I would say One Direction because they are really talented and have a lot of hype going on. 

Q: If you could have a band/artist cover one of your songs who would it be and what song?

I would love to see John Mayer’s take on our new single ‘End of the World’ 

Q: Dream Collaboration ? 

Us and One Direction 

Q: Would you ever consider being on Warped Tour? 

Definitely but right now we are working on new songs!

Q: Favorite Song to play on stage? 

Our new single ‘End of the World’ 

Q: Who are your Musical Influences? 

Classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Who all the way to people like John Mayer or The Script. 

Q: How Did You All Meet? 

Braiden, Thomas, and I met through school and church and obviously Riley and I are brothers so do the math haha. 

Q: If You Had the chance to be a character on Glee would you? 

Definitely. I love the TV industry and it would be cool to blend that with music. 

Q: Any Tour Pranks? 

Just yesterday the band and I dressed as Britney Spears and danced during one of the other bands sets as the covered ‘Oops I did it again’! Talk about EPIC.